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June 11 2015

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spartan commander Sarah palmer

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The Art of Halo 5: Guardians - August 11th, 2015

In Halo 5: Guardians, game developer 343 Industries continues to enthrall fans worldwide with the exploits of the legendary Spartan super soldier, the Master Chief, as well as new characters in the Halo® universe, including Agent Jameson Locke and others. This deluxe art book chronicles the creative and breathtaking art of the worlds, vehicles, and characters of Halo 5: Guardians, with exclusive details behind the creation of returning characters such as the Arbiter and the Master Chief himself. Complete with commentary from 343 Industries, The Art of Halo 5: Guardians is the ultimate exploration of the intricate creature design and groundbreaking gameplay that define the Halo experience. [x]

Ooh man, I am so excited for this! An August release as well, which is interesting because that’s quite a bit before the game which I assume will be an early September release instead of November.

The new toy line for Halo 5 reveals several new vehicles named Pegasus, Scylla, Ganymede, and Bacchus. These are names from Greek mythology, so I assume that it’s the human naming convention for Forerunner vehicles, as that seems to be the case for things like the Prometheans - Halsey herself drawing comparison with Prometheus in a conversation with Thorne. If this ends up being the case, I can’t wait to see the art and design process for these!

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Fresh off the press! finished up the Agent Locke poster for Halo 5: Guardians #HUNTtheTruth campaign. 

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Finished up some posters for  343′s “#HUNTtheTRUTH” campaign & Halo: Guardians trailers. I wanted one that was a little more true to color and some more graphic ones (as variants). Hail to the chief…





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Halo 5: Guardians - SPARTANS 

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Now this is interesting! It’s from the latest Gameinformer video and is evidently a cutscene from the second mission.

This does not seem confrontational to me. Where you’ve got the rest of Blue Team at the back, their weapons poised, John has his weapon lowered and is approaching the Sangheili. I wonder if there’s more to this than what meets the eye…

Also note the darker skin colour of the Sangheili as well, it looks like we’re going to be seeing both the dark-skinned and light grey-skinned Sangheili in the game, which is awesome!

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doodles the brownman during streams

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linda pls


it’s why fred’s dmr sometimes has a scope on and sometimes doesn’t

either linda keeps nicking it from him or they’re just sticking their scopes on linda to show off and linda is like “omfg seriously you guys”

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“ I’m not gonna lie to you Lieutenant. You’re stepping into some shoes the rest of the squad would rather leave unfilled.”

June 10 2015

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If it had been Krillin instead of Tien, I think Cell would have died.

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I disagree, the Kienzan is a cutting technique, whose edge can get through any flesh. But against Cell, and I’m not counting the filler Kienzan that was destroyed against Cell’s body, it would be worthless because of Cell’s ability to regenerate from a single Cell, which no I don’t believe he just gained in his final form.

Because the ability to regenerate from that small amount of matter is an obvious mixture of Frieza’s race incredible resistance to being killed unless completely eradicated. Which yes actually Frieza can survive being cut in half, he is shown staying alive even cut into multiple tiny pieces in the resurrection of F manga when he is brought back to life, before he is put back together. And Namekian regeneration, Piccolo is given the best Regen feat any Namekian has done during the Buu saga when Trunks knocks his statue over and it breaks in half from the bottom down along with his arms.

As to why Cell would be so afraid of dying, he doesn’t know extent of his natural abilities granted to him by Frieza and Piccolo’s DNA.

As for the Krillin being better than Tien, that was only for a very limited amount of time and even then it could be argued. Because we don’t really know the extent of power Tein got when he trained with King Kai beyond the filler saying that he was strong enough to take on the Ginyu force.

Well again this is only my opinion, you could very well be right. Cell being ignorant of the extent of his abilities is plausible, although how would he have know without having tested it first. The cell thing I mean, so he knows about it in his perfect form but not in his Semi-perfect form, just because. He knew he can regenerate due to Piccolo’s cells in his Imperfect form, but he was still scared. I just think it makes more sense, that he got the ability once he achieved his perfect form, rather than he just didn’t know.

When Frieza was cut in half by his own attack back on Namek, he was barely alive, and would have died had Goku not given him energy, although that may have been due to the Planet exploding. I have not read the Resurrection of F stuff, but that was with the Dragon Balls so it gets a pass, but it is canon that Frieza can survive pretty much any injury. So I suppose it was circumstantial.

Filler doesn’t count, but aside from the fact he is confirmed the strongest male Earthling. Krillin consistently faces and generally survives (for most of the time) against stronger opponents. Tien did a minimal amount of damage to Nappa, even if he had help Krillin was shown to at least be able to fight back against him. Krillin helped fight Frieza in all of his forms, and was even the first one to do any real damage to him. Frieza in his first form was leagues above the Ginyu force. Due to the lack of actual fights after the Frieza saga, its more difficult to peg down where the humans stand. Tien went up against Semi-Perfect Cell, and later Super Buu, but didn’t actually do any damage to either. Krillin attacked Perfect Cell, but didn’t do anything.

I give Tien the Buu Saga, because at least for a period Krillin neglected training to be with his family, but even then Yamcha tells Marron, her father is the strongest earthling male. Although he could have just been trying to make his friend look good in front of his kid.

1) Cell already knew about the Namekian side of his abilities, and even if he hadn’t after fighting Piccolo in his first form he would have learned about them, what he doesn’t know about is the extent of Frieza’s abilities to live through just about anything and how that would enhance Piccolo’s regeneration too near Majin Buu levels. Cell also didn’t know he would survive his self destruct, as before he fought with Goku he though his limitations was that if his head gets blown off he would die like Piccolo would, but Goku blew up his head and he still regenerated.

2) Yes barely alive, but still alive, a human, a saiyan, or any other species other than a Namekian, Frieza’s race, and a Majin would have died instantly from getting cut in half from the torso. When Frieza was brought back to life with the dragon balls, he was in the state that Trunks left him when he cut him into many pieces, so he was pretty much chunks of body parts and even then he was still barely alive, but still alive and able to think and even move. Unless you’re saying that being brought back to life with dragon balls would result in the same situation for every species, the dragon balls don’t get a pass as to the reason he was still living.

3) As far as I remember, that confirmation comes from Yamcha who was trying to comfort Marron who was worried for her father during the world tournament. Again, the Kienzan is a cutting technique that ignores defenses, so against any opponent that isn’t Cell or Majin Buu, it would be an incredible effective weapon. As for the difference in strength between them, I would say Tien takes it in every saga except the Namek saga when Krillin get’s his powers unlocked.

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